A Group Coaching program that opens the door to the life you always deeply desired to live. In only 6 weeks you will learn the most effective tools & exercises to deactivate your self-sabotaging habits and clear your emotional blockages that hold you back from living your most inspiring life.


I guarantee you uncover the powerful truth about yourself, learn helpful non-violent communication skills so that you can transform your connection, and implement life-changing mindsets which will allow you to dream bigger then you could ever imagine before. 

Together we will liberate a lot of energy in you and create a roadmap that is truly aligned with your vision of a joyful fulfilling non-toxic life you were born to live.

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The Curriculum

Energy Assessment

The core & foundation to a fulfilling life is to have a very clear understanding of who you are. Authenticity is key. It puts your life & dreams on fast track as you start living your true and unapologetic self in life, business and all your relationships.


Often we struggle, because we’re confused and therefore don’t know how to show up for ourselves fully. Everything you engage in will either make you gain or lose energy. 


In the first week I will give you the frameworks of a deep energy audit, so that you can identify where you are compromising your energy containers. Only then you’ll be able to integrate this new gained knowledge and are able to make the shifts and changes in your day to day life. 

Emotional Clearance

We often unknowingly carry & exchange our “emotional baggage”, past trauma and so-called negative experiences. These are all just intellectual descriptions of memories of key painful events that leave the marrow of our emotions behind and inside of us.


They are moments of the past that inform your present and future behaviors & beliefs and stand in the way of connecting properly. Therefore robbing ourselves from knowing us adequately.


This week you are going to learn impactful exercises to release stuck emotions & energies that were holding you back from living up to your potential. You will create  new spaciousness in your life by rewriting your past stories and allowing a new ones to exist. 

Authentic Communication

Some of the most intimate moments in life are born from conversations that venture into much more depth than just exchanging words.


The lack of being able or fearful of skillfully communicating what’s typically left unspoken is one of the biggest reasons for conflicts, fights, misunderstandings in our lives. 


This week you will understand and learn powerful communication skills how to authentically express your feelings, and stop complying in unresolved manners either in connection with others or within yourself.


You will be able to navigate difficult conversations confidently and with ease which is going to change your life and relationships forever.

Truth of Social Exchange

Our lives are molded by what we experience, as well as our perspectives, convictions, and how we navigate in life are significantly informed by the individuals we meet.


You quickly will realize that other people can have a dramatic influence on the way you act and the choices you make. Consider how you might behave in a situation if you were all alone versus if there were other people in the room.


Social psychology is the scientific study of how people’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions and goals are constructed within a social context by the actual or imagined interactions with others.


This weeks focus is to genuinely consider if the individuals in your day-to-day existence forming your thinking to control your prosperity and way of life.

powerful Mindset Shifts 

Let’s learn how to edit your own life script, flip the major peaks & arches into something more exciting, that sounds less like a drama but more like a Blockbuster super-hero movie. Because, you decide how to play your life. 


As long as we are wasting time on irrelevant coincidences, we are framing seemingly complex obstacles in the same yet felt-wrong way. Decoding the challenges we are facing & turning them around starts in the mind.


Week 5’s focus is to drive change in our new born reality. I will introduce you to a non-linear soul-focused approach that will show you how to navigate any difficulties by decoding these multifaceted problems. 


So you will get a thorough understanding and clarity on solid “how” that helps you to break through inevitable barriers.

Vision Roadmapping

Our final destination is just the beginning of a  completely new journey for you. We released everything that drains your energy, worked through emotional blockages and reframed limiting beliefs.


From this moment we are liberated to live our biggest dream. With spaciousness & emotional freedom you can envision something totally new for yourself and guide your own life with unshakable clarity towards it. 


In this final week I will accompany you where you can fearlessly access the power of your unlimited possibilities & you will call it your North Star. 


A dream without action is still just a dream. We will complete this program with powerful frameworks that include easy structures to take your vision and put it into a clearly defined roadmap for you to action with ease.

It’s time to get excited about life!


Start: September 2022


Duration: 8 Weeks of weekly LIVE coaching session and additional self lead online course materials. 


Time: Will be announced after applications are closed. Every participant gets lifetime access to the materials.

A private Telegram Group and transformative worksheets & exercises for each week.


Complimentary ebook: “Your Perfect Partner”


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I’m throwing in a huge BONUS for you. The first 5 people who sign up will get a 1:1 Fast-Solution Clarity Intensive with me (60min deep dive) with me for free.


That session alone is now worth $900 USD already. Secure your spot now and schedule your Clarity Coaching Session with me!


As a career-focused businesswoman I am thriving for greatness & working with Sascha has been a life-changing, productive, and spiritually optimistic journey. Midway through coaching, I got the insight and new alignment that was hindering my transformation. In record time I dared to change.  Sascha has opened my eyes and expanded my mind to a new level of wellness and positive energy in life.

– Kelly (USA)

About Me

I’m a Top-Performers Coach for high achieving, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and executives, combining the knowledge of Human Exchange & Sensual Intelligence Coaching, with communication and business skills. With an extensive personal development toolbox of various techniques, frameworks, and unique meditative visualizations I create create bespoke programs and to achieve customized breakthroughs for my clients. 


I’m also an author, investor, and entrepreneur of multiple businesses in Europa & South East Asia. I thrive when helping my clients to step fully into their confidence & power whilst being authentic leaders impacting their lives, plus the people around them & the world.