We Are Here To Love

We Are Here To Love

We are here to love.

Make an impact, shine our lights, and love deeply.

A beautiful lesson and take on life from @sascha_haert as he recounts recently losing his father and his process of healing.

If you or anyone you know are dealing with grief, please check this episode of the Spiritual Hustlers podcast out. Between @ink_pray_love lightening things up with his usual class clown behaviour, this podcast gets into some real raw and authentic depths as Sash shares a real life-changing event and how he dealt with it.

The YogiLab team are here to share the highs and the lows of our life, not just the shiny things you usually see on social media. We are human too, and we think that the ways we deal with conflict, loss, and chaos by diving into our practice and being there for one another are some of our superpowers.

Tune in, and then spread some love. 💗

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