Are you ready to upsize your capacity?

Do you want your life to be an authentic expression of you? Desire your business or career to be truly aligned? Making moves & decisions that are supporting your highest goals? Becoming the most confident & joyful creator of your life? 


On this 1 day VIP Intensive, we connect & elevate YOU to your blueprint of your Authentic Life. With a bespoke and intuitive structure we decode and accelerate your path to true limitless  & magnetism for you and your business.


Together we will identify your most pressing problems and liberate you from energetic blockages and self-sabotaging programs in your personal and business life. 


I help you to start embodying what lies beyond your confidence and genetic potential, then we create an aligned roadmap that guides you to your unique version of the life you were born to live.

THE VIP DAY consists of

*    We identify where and how you do not live up to your greatest genius

*    We will do a genetic potential & purpose audit – Jyotish Astrology

*    I help you to reframe limiting beliefs and install new confidence & abundance codes

*    We recharge you with new power, and clear any emotional & mental blockages

*    Together we will upgrade your capacity which directly impacts your wealth mindset

*    We will take immediate action & implement the gained clarity in the most aligned way 

*    You walk away with  a clear plan and tactical roadmap to support your goals

*    You will become the most confident and playful creator of your life.


*   1 full day (2 days by request only)

*   preparation coaching call included

*   60min follow-up call within 2 weeks

*   Online or your choice of location

*   Travel expenses not included


by request only