As Co-Founder of YogiLab, we have one big goal. We want to build a personal growth platform, a company, a community, and a culture that would outlast us 
and give it to everyone who wanted all the benefits of spirituality without all the nonsense that often 
comes with it. The Northstar is to create a community of 80million meditators & spiritual seekers to change the world. If you’re someone like us who doesn’t want to give up the desire for practical results 
while on the path of spiritual growth, you’re in the right place. 



With an untrained mind, it is easy to get distracted by small irritations. Meditation then becomes an effective solution to become more focused, witness our mental habits and keep things in perspective. This, in turn, helps us become more relaxed, less reactive, which leads to increased patience and acceptance. An opportunity to cultivate new more positive ways of thinking. Explore how Vipassana Meditation has the power to change the world for the better. Starting with the world within, meditation can give you the skills to live a healthier and more balanced life, but also the tools to make a positive impact on the world.



Maharishi Mahesh Yogi described a paranormal effect claiming a significant number of individuals (1% of the people in any given area) practicing meditation collectively has positive effects of that area. Life qualityiesof that local environment are increasing whilst crime rates are decreasing. This phenomenon has been studied, tested, and proven all around the world and was coined the Maharishi Effect.



In 2020 YogiLab launched the first-ever free home Vipassana meditation course. In just six months it has touched more than 75,000 students spanning across +100 countries. We believe to our core that meditation has the power to shift the energetic balance of the planet. – this is why we have set the goal to reach 80 million meditators worldwide. 1% of the world population. Join us and together we will change the world.



Our YogiLab headquarters is located at The Istana on the cliffside in one of the most magical places in Bali. A luxury meditation retreat and biohacking centre, using modern technologies such as a cryotherapy chamber , sensory deprivation tanks and spa facilities. We’re utilising modern technologies to enhance and deepen our meditation or breathwork practices to access the enormous amount of human potential we all have within.

Anyone you blame is a person you are giving

a percentage of your power to.

David Hans-Barker